The church of San Giovenale in Orvieto

Art and faith

a cura di Ferruccio Della Fina


The Romanesque church of San Giovenale was built between the early twelfth and the late thirteenth century. It played a leading role in the artistic and social life of Orvieto.

Recent restoration, in addition to making it possible to evaluate the various phases in its transformation and appreciate its spatial unity,  has given us an idea of what the church once looked like when brightly colored frescoes covered the walls and columns.

The story of this church and the treasures of art and faith it encompasses take us back to an era in which God was the pillar and center of individual and social life.

Essays by Alessandra Cannistrà, Sara Cavatorti, Raffaele Davanzo, Ferruccio Della Fina, Corrado Fratini, Lorenzo Principi, Serena Ubaldini